Planet shock is common. Do not be shocked.

Note that there are spoilers to be found in this wiki. Please, take this into consideration if you are not up to date with the comic.

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The wiki is still in development. Some design choices are unusual and if there are questions or suggestions, please contact: the wiki elder.

Contributions that are specifically wanted:

  1. Corrections to facts.
  2. Challenges to debatable content.
  3. Improvements to wording.
  4. Corrections of broken or borken links[1].
  5. Comments, specific to the wiki.
  6. Report obnoxious ads.
  7. Fixes to how story arcs and sub-arcs are represented.
  8. Testing/Improvements to the Mobile main page.

New content is welcomed, but the structure of pages might be unusual. Please contact the wiki elder with questions.



Images from the comic have all been approved by the author, Gina Biggs, and are copyrighted. Please respect this agreement, as well as policies of Fandom and MediaWiki.

Other graphics are either in the public domain or are from Wikimedia Commons. Please respect this, unless agreed to by the copyright holder.


Any comments about the comic itself should be made at: or or

and not on this wiki !!!

Be nice!

Planned pages

  1. More specific contribution advice.
  2. Clearer policies.
  3. Places, e.g. planets, geography, dwellings, restaurants and clubs.
  4. Fauna
  5. Clothing
  6. Objects, e.g. Stimulator 3k
  7. Food, e.g. Gulab Sandesh and Croquembouche

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  1. Links that work, but go to the wrong place.
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