Abeille x Poppy

Abeille and Poppy met on the way to Pasque.

Poppy becomes upset after learning about Abeille's letters to her sister Evette.

Poppy becomes protective of Abeille and angry with Miel when she walks in on them touching.

Abeille and Poppy become close friends.

Clove x Botan

Clove and Botan work at Eyebright Industries. Silver tongued Botan entices Clove to spend the night together in a tent during a camping trip.

The evolving relationship between Clove and Botan is one of the more elaborate portrayed in the story.

Clove x Miel

Clove and Miel work at Eyebright Industries. Clove is a cafeteria worker and Miel is a botanist. Clove is a close friend of Abeille.

At first, Miel get's jealous about their friendship.

Clove, asks subtle probing questions of Abeille about Miel and when they go on a camping trip, Clove reveals to Miel that he is romantically interested. But, Miel declines the offer, very politely.

Ivy, Aster and Holly

Ivy and Holly work together as Horticulturalists, at Eyebright Industries. Early in the story, they live together and use a Stimulator to have sex together, without touching.

Ivy begins to feel a lack of connection and seeks more from her relationship with Holly.

As the story progresses, Holly demonstrates a profound love for Ivy, while Ivy begins a relationship with Aster. Eventually, the three form a close relationship, which may or may not involve intimacy, so far.

Marigold and Flax

Marigold and Flax work together at Eyebright industries. They are usually seen together.

The touch taboo

There is a taboo about touch, on Monotropa.

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